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Smoked Ham & Honey Cheese Tramezzini
Traditional Tuna Panini
Mexican Spicy Chicken Tortilla
Sundried Tomato Paste on Toasted French Stick
Parma Ham & Basil Pesto Barquette
Chicken Liver Profiterole with Honey & Roasted Nuts
Sundried Tomato Muffin with Cream Cheese

Mini Pea Cake
Mini Pizza
Mini Ricotta Qassata
Mini Baked Beef & Truffle Pie
Onion Pinwheels
Pork Wellington Puffs
Oriental Vegetable Spring Roll with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Liver & Bacon in Red Wine & Honey Sauce
Mini Beef Sliders with Cheese & Onion Jam
Chicken Satay
Chilli Con Carne with Red Leicester Cheese Tart
Prawns in Filo with Tartar Sauce

Assorted Fancy Cakes


11.50 inc. VAT

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FG12017 2023

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