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Private Events

Special Celebrations

Distinctive culinary creations and a choice of breath-taking venues - the perfect recipe for your dream celebration.  With James Caterers you are assured of unmatched expertise in the craft of truly dazzling festivities.

Home Parties

There's nothing quite like a home celebration with your loved ones!  Whatever the occasion, our delightfully curated menus, provide a tasty accompaniment to your truly unforgettable moments

Let us make your big day even bigger

There is no such thing as too much attention, and no detail is too small.  It's your big day and nothing short of excellent will cut it.  Trust our years of experience, exceptional craft and relentless dedication for a superlative event that will exceed your and your guests' expectations.


There's no better way to celebrate Christmas than with our loved ones. There's no greater gift than the being in good company. So, let's all stay safe and celebrate with these exquisite, specially crafted home party menus, which will surely add that extra touch of happiness!

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